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Mental Resiliency
Create a resilient mindset to persevere through obstacles and prevail powerfully.
If you feel like you should be a lot further in life, but you're mentally exhausted, paralyzed by fear of failure, ready to give up, and don't know how to bounce back from disappointments.... this course is for you.

I can totally understand how you feel. I was there too…. But wait…. There’s great news. You don’t have to stay stuck any longer.

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Hello Ambitious Woman,

I'm Lifestyle and Abundance Coach Kim Bullock-Hennix. I'm the voice for women to transform their lifestyle from scarcity to overflow.

I strategically penetrate the heart and soul of your mentality on a cellular level. I'm a highly requested, results driven,  Abundance Mindset Expert who absolutely loves what I do.
I'm also a Transformational National Speaker, and Ambitious Woman Advocate!
I would love to work with you and help you to receive your breakthrough!!!!

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When you sign up for Mental Resiliency Here is What You GET!!!

  •     Discover how your mindset influences your real-world actions.
  •     How to cope with high demands
  •     Learn to get back up powerfully after falling down
  •     Stay calm under pressure an operate with ease
  •     Gain the secrets to remain focused, confident and in control
  •     Become a World-Class Ambitious Woman with unshakable belief in one’s own abilities
  •     Elevate your business or career with a prevailing action plan
  •     Be accountable to a mindset expert that can properly identify your pain points to adapt a positive transformation
 7- Week Plan comes with 7 course modules and videos lessons once a week for 7 weeks

  1.     Attention control training
  2.     Goal-setting
  3.     Imagery and visualization techniques
  4.     Conflict resolution
  5.     Relaxation techniques
  6.     Thought pattern awareness and modification
  7.     Use of self-talk or inner monologues

Week 7 will include a Live Q& A Session

* Private Temporary Facebook Group for accountability.

Enrollment begins now for Early Bird $100 Discount Price until August 19 ,2019! Online course begins Monday August 26, 2019

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Client Testimonial's
The Investment
 Mental Resiliency will help you to achieve the following:
Success happens when you make the choice to create it.
Look forward to hearing from you soon. Let's conquer the world together!